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The New Zealand School of Travel and Tourism provides high quality Travel, Tourism and Business training for domestic and international students to meet these needs both in New Zealand and world-wide. The focus of NZSTT is on giving students the skills, support and training that will make them readily employable in the marketplace. Originally founded in 1996, NZSTT has a modern and exceptionally well equipped campus in Auckland's central business district of the largest city in New Zealand. NZSTT has approximately 350 students from New Zealand and many countries around the world (Europe, Thailand, India, Russia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Korea, South America, Africa, China, etc). This gives students a very valuable experience in learning about other countries and their people. NZSTT programmes are recognised for their quality, successful students can choose pathways to 11 universities in Australia and New Zealand. These pathways provide cross-credits to Degree programmes, which allow the student to complete a Degree in a shorter period of time. Graduates of NZSTT work in Airlines, Travel companies, Hotels and other tourism operations in New Zealand and around the world. Contact OEIC Sri Lanka Representative for enrolment support.

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