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Shijiazhuang Tiedao University (STDU) was established in 1950, the predecessor of Chinese People's Liberation Army Railway Engineering Institute. The university is located in Shijiazhuang city, the capital of Heibei province. It only takes one hour by high-speed train to travel from Shijiazhuang to Beijing. STDU is a technical university with the distinctive characteristic of applied engineering, and offers a wide range of disciplines covering science, management, economics, arts and social sciences. It has been listed as one of the national key universities since 1979 and now it is one of the top universities in Hebei Province.

STDU has 1800 teaching staff, including 230 professors and 450 associate professors, 533 Doctoral and Master Supervisors, 2 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and more than 180 scholars, such as Cheung Kong Scholar, Program 973 chief scientists, State Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, State Outstanding Professional and Technical Personnel winner, Nationally Known Teacher and Candidates of New Century Talents Program.

Depending on the advantages in railway industry, STDU lays great emphasis on cultivating inter-disciplinary talents with high social responsibilities and innovative spirit for railway construction and management. Therefore, the graduates afrom STDU are favored by employers, and the graduate employment rate keeps over 96% for 10 years in succession. China Railway Construction Corporation, one of the World Top 500 Enterprises, has 70% middle-level and above managers and 70% of senior engineering and technical personnel who graduated from STDU. "Where there is the railway, there are students of STDU".

Since the university was established, STDU has educated more than 110,000 graduates including a large number of well-known scholars, engineering and technical experts and senior management personnel, and 3 academicians were cultivated here during their undergraduate education. During the construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway time, major publications in China reported exemplary deeds of the graduates from STDU. The former vice premier Li Lanqing acclaimed the graduates from STDU as "young people who are holding up a rainbow".

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