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Bucks New University has campuses in High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Uxbridge, teaching subjects ranging from nursing and social work to law and furniture.

It is a great place to study and a great place to have fun and make new friends. Above all, Bucks New University is a superb environment in which to gain the qualifications you need to succeed in the future.

There’s a learning partnership agreement at the heart of our work which makes clear not only what we expect from you, but also what you can expect from us. With staff and students working together, we can achieve our mutual goals.

One of the best things about life here is the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds. Not all students come to us straight from school. In fact, we pride ourselves on attracting a large population of mature students over 21. They may be people from industry or those who have raised families or are aiming for a new career direction. We find that a broader perspective on life and learning adds considerably to the Bucks New University experience.

Partnership is key to our success. Many of our courses benefit from strong links with employers, providing you with direct access to the industry in which you may want to work. Staff and students can also benefit from our longstanding partnerships with local clubs, Wycombe Wanderers and London Wasps.

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