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Nova Education Center Berlin is a service provider located in the center of Berlin, Germany. We assist in finding admission to universities. During the whole time of your exciting journey we will support you; starting with the Visa-matters until enrolement. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about Nova Education Center Berlin and to become familiar with how we work. Of course, the next decade will present very different opportunities and challenges to those we’ve faced so far, but our commitment to secure Nova’s position as a provider of global higher education institution remains undimmed. We are proud to fulfil our social obligations to educate, work at the frontiers of knowledge and inculcate enlightenment values. Our values reflect our motto. To do justice to the hopes and the expectations of those on whose shoulders we now stand, we strive to make a difference in everything that we do. Today our company is a lively, energetic and global community, in which dedicated and talented people are anticipating, working towards and helping to shape the future. We envision being an agency which is open to talent, not privilege and accessible to everyone with the ability to benefit from higher education.

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